Robert Brian @ Drum Channel

Robert Brian with Curt Bisquera & Don Lombardi

Bosphorus artist Robert Brian performed a live show on Drum Channel with his brand new Bosphorus Traditional Series setup.

Rob has a new drumming DVD 'Technique and Musicality' available from his website:

It has recently received a 4 out of 5 star rating from both 'Rhythm' and 'Drummer' Magazine in the UK.

Also, Rob has been in the studio recording with the massive 80's group 'Simple Minds' working on new material, as well as writing articles for the top American drum magazine 'Modern Drummer'

Brian was introduced to drumming at a very early age by his father, Ray Brian, who was an in-demand session drummer in the 60s. His father once played him a video of Buddy Rich which Brian describes as a "defining moment of his musical education" and introduced him to jazz drumming.

He was the live drummer for the "MantaRay Tour" which consisted of TV  appearances, festivals and a world tour.

In September 2008 Brian played on a Siouxsie Sioux DVD called Finale: The Last Mantaray and More Show recorded at London's "Club KoKo" which was released in May 2009. It charted at #4 in the BBC Radio 1 Music DVD Chart on the 24.05.2009.

Brian also works as a session drummer and has recently been recording for the band Motorcade. He tours extensively across the world with many bands and has also started to take drum clinics and workshops across the UK and Europe.

Robert Brian @ Drum Channel

Robert Brian's Setup


Online Catalog

Say hello to our new online catalog! We are happy to introduce our new product catalog featuring Ari Hoenig signature Lyric Series. We also added size charts to all product lines and information about our logo gear.

“I can honestly say that the Master Vintages are some of the most inspiring ride cymbals I’ve ever played”

Michael Dawson, Modern Drummer

Emanuel HarroldEmanuel Harrold Joins Bosphorus

We welcome Emanuel Harrold to the greater Bosphorus family.

Currently Harrold is active touring, recording, producing and remixing various projects. Emanuel's drumming contributions can be heard on Gregory Porter's Grammy nominated recordings 'Water', 'Be Good' and recent Grammy Award Winning Album 'Liquid Spirit' for best 'Vocal Jazz Album of the year.

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