Bosphorus China Hihats

China Hihats

The Bosphorus Traditional Series China Hats are a revolutionary design that give you two great sounds out of one set of hi-hats. With the China hat on top the hats have a chunky trashiness that work great for rock, pop, and R&B. Flip them over and they sound like a traditional pair of hi-hats.

Like all Bosphorus cymbals they are hand made in Turkey by master cymbalsmiths that can trace their lineage back hundreds of years. Cymbals from the traditional series are diverse enough to be used in delicate symphonic situations and aggressive enough to be played in arena rock concerts. Their sounds can range from dark, delicate, and complex to bright, sharp, and penetrating. Regardless of the setting, these cymbals will inspire players to maximize their creative output.

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