Black Pearl Series

Black Pearl Series


Bosphorus Cymbals proudly presents new product line: Black Pearl Series

Probably all drummers who play Bosphorus Cymbals, are familiar with our Master series and Master Vintage series which are best seller lines of our product range! They are both designated as the best jazz cymbals in the market but we even have seen some drummers who use a 20” Master ride as a rock crash! Actually Master series and Master Vintage series are sisters. Master Vintage series came out as natural finished version of Master series without being lathed. That lets the Master Vintage series to have a dry sound instead of the rich sound of Master series while they both have a dark tone.

But the search will never end for the perfect ride even you make the best cymbals on the planet and there have been several requests to us for a cymbal which falls between those two models. The charm of discovering the things that never done before is the main motivation of a master cymbal smith. So “The Masters” started to work on a new cymbal model and it took nearly three years to develop Black Pearl series as the new born sister of the family.

Black Pearl series are designed to have a clear stick definition as Master Vintage and rich sound like Master series. Also very controlled behavior of the cymbal let the drummer play them with the maximum pleasure and ease.

The tonal character of the new line is dark and has a perfect match for jazz sound but that is not all. The size variations of the line will inspire drummers to try them in diverse music types. We have tested the line with a big size set up as 20” Crash + 22” Crash/Ride + 24” Ride + 26” Ride + 16 Hi-hats and it worked excellent for Hard Rock music. So we won’t be surprised when we see them being used with different music types in the future.

Also this is the first time that Bosphorus Cymbals offers a 26” Ride cymbal in its range. Many people can be afraid of its size but the possibilities of what can be done with this ride, will seduce many drummers.

Here is the available size chart of Black Pearl Series.

17” Crash

21” Ride

13” Hi-hat

18” Crash

22” Ride

14” Hi-hat

19” Crash / Ride

24” Ride

15” Hi-hat

20” Crash / Ride

26” Ride

16” Hi-hat



Online Catalog

Say hello to our new online catalog! We are happy to introduce our new product catalog featuring Ari Hoenig signature Lyric Series. We also added size charts to all product lines and information about our logo gear.

“I can honestly say that the Master Vintages are some of the most inspiring ride cymbals I’ve ever played”

Michael Dawson, Modern Drummer

Emanuel HarroldEmanuel Harrold Joins Bosphorus

We welcome Emanuel Harrold to the greater Bosphorus family.

Currently Harrold is active touring, recording, producing and remixing various projects. Emanuel's drumming contributions can be heard on Gregory Porter's Grammy nominated recordings 'Water', 'Be Good' and recent Grammy Award Winning Album 'Liquid Spirit' for best 'Vocal Jazz Album of the year.

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